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Jill Just Wants 2 Help has been recognized by The Abramson Cancer Center (ACC) Patient and Family Services!

As part of our mission, JJW2H directs that the interest earned on the endowed fund at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania be used to offset any non-medical expenses for low-income individuals undergoing cancer treatments at the Hospital with a goal to ease related financial and emotional burdens.

Thanks to the commitment and financial support of so many, some semblance of relief is being provided to those individuals and families who are unable to afford the related, non-medical expenses of dealing with cancer.

Penn Medicine Plaque

We are very excited to report that in just the past few years, JJW2H has helped patients to be placed in hotels during clinical trials. Two recipients were young patients who were here with their parents and could not afford another hotel stay.

In addition, the ACC Patient and Family Services Department have been able to provide taxi service to numerous patients who would otherwise have to take public transportation following treatments.

ACC Patient and Family Services shared with us the following, "There are many patients who come to Penn Medicine because this is the 'last chair back' or 'last resort'. In addition to suffering from their progressive disease, the treatments can be painful, debilitating and frequent. Chemotherapy can be either once a week or three times a week, and radiation therapy is often a daily treatment.

Most struggle to work and keep their jobs while they endure cancer and its effects, often just to keep their insurance so they can continue treatments. The help from Jill Just Wants 2 Help has allowed patients who are low on resources to maintain some income, dignity and independence while coming to treatment. They can take a cab instead of a bus, after enduring a four-hour treatment. They don't always have to rely on the 'kindness of strangers' to get back and forth and they can maintain a semblance of dignity and independence. We see, all the time, that when people are down, sometimes support from family and friends vanish or diminish over time. It's not easy to have to swallow your pride to ask for help when you are sick. This financial support from Jill Just Wants 2 Help provides safe and comfortable transportation and hotel stays, after grueling treatments. It is priceless and invaluable."

Looking ahead, our focus will continue to be on growing our endowed fund with the ultimate goal of building a residence for low-income individuals in need of lodging during treatment. In the interim, each taxi voucher and each hotel stay brings us one step closer to meeting Jill's wish to help others.

Thank you!

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Welcome to JJW2H

Jill Just Wants 2 Help (JJW2H) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing assistance to families with children and young adults undergoing cancer treatment. Created in 2009 in memory of Jillian Siegel, the organization’s mission captures her extraordinary spirit and lifelong devotion to making a difference.

Contributions to JJW2H go to a dedicated endowment fund at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, with the goal of building a home that will provide shelter and support to families whose children are receiving care at the hospital. Until this residence can be built, interest earned on the Fund serves a vital role in providing financial assistance to families trying to meet every day needs while caring for a child in the hospital.

Blue Bell coupleSat, Nov. 6, 2010 - Blue Bell couple continues daughter's work in nonprofit to help families of seriously ill - By Kristin E. Holmes, Inquirer Staff Writer

Blue Bell couple The moment when Phil and Nancy Siegel realized their daughter had found a new calling came in a hospital room. Jillian A. Siegel, 20, was battling acute myeloid leukemia at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, but the Pennsylvania State University sophomore was working the phones and writing letters to help organize Thon, the giant annual charity dance marathon at her school. "We thought, 'We've got to stop this, she's got to rest,' " said Nancy Siegel, of Blue Bell. "But then we thought, this is the passion that you want your child to have."
Photo by LAURENCE KESTERSON / Inquirer Staff Photographer